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Cr. Thomas Lewis

Shire President

1872 - 1873

Cr. Edward D. Fitzgerald

Shire President

1873 -1874

Cr. Charles Bennett

Shire President

1874 -1875

Cr. Ernest Selk

Shire President

1875-1876 1877-1878

Cr. Chris Rodgers

Shire President

1876-1877 1879-1881 1883-1884 1897-1898 1900-1901

Cr. Charles Hodgson

Shire President


Cr. Oliver F Cunningham

Shire President


Cr. Auschar P. Chauncy

Shire President

1882 - 1883

Cr. Osborne Young

Shire President

1884-1885 1888-1889

Cr. William C. Coughlan

Shire President


Cr. Edwin J. Johnson

Shire President


Cr. Thomas McK Hamilton

Shire President

1887-1888 1892-1893 1899-1900

Cr. Edmund P. M. Margetts

Shire President

1889-1890 1895-1896

Cr. John Gill

Shire President


Cr. Joseph Bilton

Shire President


Cr. John W. Brumley

Shire President

1893-1894 1898-1899 1901-1902 1904-1905 1912-1913

Cr. John Crisp

Shire President


Cr. Pelling H.G. Conant

Shire President


Cr. James Baylis

Shire President

1902-1903 1905-1906

Cr. Michael F. Harrington

Shire President


Cr. John Payne

Shire President

1906-1907 1922-1923

Cr. Charles H Hutton

Shire President

1907-1908 1915-1916

Cr. James Moss

Shire President


Cr. James Braid

Shire President

1909-1910 1914-1915

Cr. Horatie W.Lowe

Shire President


Cr. John Rae

Shire President


Cr. John Rickards

Shire President


Cr. William Grose

Shire President

1916-1917 1925-1926

Cr. John Coughlan

Shire President


Cr. Christopher Johnston

Shire President

1918-1919 1921-1922

Cr. Henry E.Peterson

Shire President

1919-1920 1928-1929

Cr. James T.Lewington

Shire President


Cr. John T. Poynton

Shire President


Cr. William J Soutter

Shire President


Cr. John T. Hayward

Shire President


Cr. James E. Matthews

Shire President


Cr. Reginald C. Hutton

Shire President


Arthur M. Pearson

Shire President


Mr. Thomas Easton

Shire Secretary


Miss A.E.(Madge) Johns

Assistant Secretary

1917 - 1932

Mr. A.N. Presswell

Shire Secretary

1921 - 1932

Mr. Carl A. DuVe

Shire Valuer


Mr. John Shanahan

Shire Secretary


Mr. P. J. McMahon

Shire Secretary


Minutes of the First Meeting of the Council

Meeting held at the office of the Shire at Golden Age Hotel, February 17th, 1873. A letter was read from William Phipps, Returning, Officer, declaring the under mentioned gentlemen as duly elected Councillors:

Number of Votes Omeo   Swift's Creek   Wombat Total
Robert James FISHER  59 20 8 87
Christopher RODGERS 61 18 87
Thomas LEWIS  65 11 8 84
Edward D'Arcy FITZGERALD   64 12  8 84
Ernest SELK  48  17  73
William Charles JACK 
46  11  65


Crs. Lewis, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Selk and Jack.
The Councillors made and subscribed the declaration in accordance with the
provisions of the 46th and 47th Sections of the Shire's Statute.
Moved by Councillor Fisher, seconded by Councillor Jack That Councillor Lewis
be elected President.
Carried nemo. con.

William Phipps, respecting election.
William Phipps, respecting licences.

J. Darbyshire, respecting Engineer's appointment.-First Order.
Secretary for Agriculture-Second Order.
Ast. Commission of Roads and Bridges.
R. C. Smallman.
Secretary, Shire of Bairnsdale, with copy of Bye Laws.
Edward J. Johnson, special temporary licence-Third Order.
J. R. Tyrer, respecting refund of licence fees-Fourth Order.
Evans Bros., respecting books-Fifth Order.
Under Treasurer, respecting refund of licence fees-Sixth Order.
Bright Bros., enclosing price list of safes.
Registrar-General, enclosing forms-Seventh Order.
William Phipps, enclosing account for election expenses-Eighth Order.

Moved by the President, seconded by Councillor Jack That all preliminary correspondence received and replies thereto by the Secretary up to January 28th be confirmed and adopted, also correspondence by the Secretary with printed forms ordered from Vogt and Co., books from Evans Bros., as by minute duly made be now confirmed and approved.

Carried nemo. con.


The Hon. the Solicitor General, respecting special temporary licences. 1. H. Tyrer. The Councillors, notifying meeting. Evans Bros. The Hon. the Treasurer. E. J. Johnson, forwarding receipt. The Registrar-General.


Motion put and carried: That Mr. Darbyshire's letter be acknowledged and that he be informed that the Council are not at present in a position to appoint an Engineer, but that a note has been made of his offer which will be held in remembrance.


Motion put and carried: That the Secretary of the Board of Agriculture's letter relative to Fencing and Impounding Acts be considered at the next ordinary meeting.


Motion put and carried: That the Secretary inform Mr. Edwin Johnson that the Shire is not yet proclaimed a place where special temporary licences may be issued that upon his application and return of temporary receipt (11th Feb.) the amount (3.0.d) will be refunded to him in order that he may make application elsewhere.


Motion put and carried: That Mr. Tyrer be thanked for his trouble and that the Council will act under his valued suggestions.


Motion put and carried: That Messrs. Evans Bros. be instructed to prepare a seal of the following pattern with box and two locks and keys of different patterns to contain it, also a cheque book on Bank of Victoria, Bairnsdale, containing lines for the signatures of three Councillors and the Secretary.


Motion put and carried: That the Secretary be instructed to prepare a statutory declaration to be signed by the President and Secretary setting forth that the places where the licensees reside who have paid their licences into the Treasury Bairnsdale are within the Shire of Omeo; and also to complete the 2 form for the repayment of the same and also to, reply to the Under-Treasurer's letter of 12th February 834 enclosing the above.


Motion put and carried: That the collection of Agricultural Statistics be undertaken by the valuer at a cost of 2.2.0.


Motion put and carried: That the Secretary acknowledge receipt of account from Returning Officer and inform him that as soon as the Treasurer is in funds he will receive a cheque.

On the motion of Councillor Jack, seconded Councillor Fisher, and carried:

That a Committee of three Councillors, consisting of Councillors Fitzgerald, Selk and the mover, be appointed to frame bye-laws.

Motion put and carried: That this meeting be adjourned until 4 p.m. this day..

Resumption of meeting February 17th, 4 p.m.:

Thomas Easton was appointed Secretary and Treasurer at a salary of One hundred pounds per annum on condition of giving guarantee to the amount of three hundred pounds from the Alliance or Victorian Assurance Society.

Henry Foster was appointed Valuer and Collector at a salary of Seventyfive pounds per annum on condition of combining the offices of Revenue and Dog inspector, to be allowed ten per centum on dog leases and to give guarantee policy amount of one hundred and fifty pounds.

Benjamin Middleton was appointed Poundkeeper at a salary of ten shillings per annum, guarantee policy to amount of one hundred and fifty pounds.

THE FOREGOING RESOLUTIONS were arrived at in Committee of the Council, when the following applications for the various offices were received:

Valuer and Collector

Henry Humphrey, 70.0.0 per annum. 

Hugh Fraser, 75.0.0. 

Wm. 1. Hall, 50.0.0 Collector only 36.0.0. 

B. Middleton, 55.0.0. 

Henry Foster, 75.0.0 Collector. 

Wm. Brown, 25.0.0.


Benjamin Middleton, 0.10.0. 

Hugh Fraser, 0.5.0. 

Wm. Brown, 0.1.0.


Michael Costello, 30.0.0. 

Thomas Easton, 100.0.0.

The Secretary was instructed to write to the Ovens and Murray Spectator and the Bairnsdale Courier, requesting tenders for advertisement; also to request to Solicitor-General to proclaim the district a place where special temporary licences may be issued under the Act he mentions.

THOMAS LEWIS, Shire President.