Alberton Cemetery

1842 - 2009


 Alberton 1842 ~ 2009 

The Historic Alberton Cemetery is one of the 20 oldest cemeteries in the state and was gazetted on 22 May 1860.  It is approximately 32 acres in size.  Original burials were made possible by boat via the Albert River which accounts for the earliest burials being by the river.  It is set out in Religious denominations being, Church of England Private, Church of England Public, Presbyterian Private, Presbyterian Public, Roman Catholic Private and Public and Old Ground.  This Old Ground is down by the river, and there is no grave plan for this area. There is no grave plan for the Roman Catholic section either.  A new area has been started behind the Church of England 1, this is a Non Denominational Section. The earliest headstone is for Robert McClure who died in 1842.  Burial records didn't start in the Alberton Cemetery until 1862.  There are some burials before this year and they are listed as deaths in the district of Tarraville.  They are included on this CD-Rom.  It is a fair walk from the front gate to the river, probably a good 20 minutes.   The original trustees of the cemetery were from each religious denomination.  Over the past few years it has been pretty much maintained but great care needs to be taken in the summer months when walking around to keep a look out for snakes.  The front gates are kept locked to keep out any undesirables and also if the fisherman want to fish at the end of the track they have to walk the distance.  Some headstones have gone west into the mud along the banks of the Albert River so as the fisherman keep their feet clean and dry.
If anyone can add any further burials to this Register it would be much appreciated as there are 3 only known burials for the year 1900.  Just send a copy of the death certificate to the :
Alberton Cemetery Trust, Secretary, Mrs Margaret Greenaway, Morwell Road, JACK RIVER.  3971.

This CD contains the complete burial register including those without headstones plus Pictorial Register of all headstones. This includes a close up of headstone and a long shot which shows the whole grave. Also included are Honour Rolls and War Memorial and a list of names of those who served from the area. Parents where known have also been added. Plus Cemetery Layout. Index of pupils who attended the Tarraville State School No. 615 and Won Wron State School No. 1957. Both these schools are now closed. 

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