Bairnsdale  Cemetery

Catholic  Section  +

1843 - 2009


 Bairnsdale  Catholic  Section  ~   1843 ~ 2009 

The original Bairnsdale Cemetery was where the Mitchell River Caravan Park is today. But floods took their toll on the cemetery and the story goes that coffins were seen floating down the river from the flood water.

Approximately 7 acres of land was gazetted on the 28th July 1863 for the present Bairnsdale Cemetery. A further 10 acres has since been purchased to extend the Cemetery.

    It is set out in Religious denominations being, Anglican,  Presbyterian ,  Roman Catholic and Methodist. Various Lawn Sections have also been added.    

This CD also contains the Children's Memorial Garden, the Children's Lawn, the Adult Memorial Garden, Niche Wall 1, the Western Niche wall, the R.A.A.F Memorial Section, the Beaufort Memorial Gardens, Chinese Burials, Honour Rolls, War Memorials and a couple of other Memorials and the Catholic Burials with Headstones which is approximately 1174 names in the Catholic Monumental Section. 

Cost ~ $60.00 & $5.00.  P & P anywhere in Australia.

Scene of Catholic Section 1.

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