Bairnsdale  Cemetery

Lawn  Sections  2

1864 - 2008


 Bairnsdale  Lawn  Sections  2  ~   1964 ~ 2008 

The present Bairnsdale Cemetery  was gazetted in 1863  It is approximately  30 + acres in size.    It is set out in Religious denominations being, Anglican,  Presbyterian ,  Roman Catholic and Methodist. Various Lawn Sections have also been added.    

This CD contains photo and transcriptions of the plaques from  A Lawn Section, C Lawn Section, D Lawn Section, E Lawn Section, F Lawn Section, G Lawn Section.  B Lawn Section is on a separate CD as it is so big.

Cost ~ $60.00   plus $5.00.  P & P anywhere in Australia.

This cd will be available in about 4 weeks.

Scene of Catholic Section 1.

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