Bruthen Cemetery

1883 - 2009


1883  ~  2009 

The Bruthen Cemetery is on the Great Alpine Road [Omeo Highway] at the Northern edge of town heading towards Omeo, on the corner of Delahunty Street, on the left. The Original Cemetery was in the town area where the Bowling Club and Tennis Courts are today.

It is believed that the original cemetery begun in the 1880's but there are no early records.  Many records were lost in the 1939 and 1969 fires. The current burial register begins in the mid 1880's and all of the burial register is included on this CD-Rom.  Gazetted on 29th June 1893. Approximately 4 to 5 acres in size it is kept very neat and tidy by the Cemetery Trust and volunteers.

It is broken up into sections of various denominations, Catholic, Presbyterian, Congregational and Church of England. In later years a Lawn section was opened and a Niche Wall put in. There is also a section for Aboriginal people.

Also some Pioneer Buildings then and now have been added.

The earliest headstone is dated 1883.  There is also a wooden headstone with a metal plate on it but sadly you cannot make out any inscription. This headstone graces the cover of this CD.
Headstone Transcriptions and Photos of all Headstones in the Bruthen Cemetery. Also complete burial Register.


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