Cathcart  Cemetery
1875 ~ 2009

Have not been able to find much information on Cathcart. The Cemetery is in a natural bushland setting and is very well maintained.
Cathcart is approx. 4.6 km from Ararat and is approx. 345 m above sea level. Their is no town at Cathcart, it is only an area. It was a large attraction for Gold Miners in the early 1800's.  People from England, Ireland, Scotland, America, Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia and China descended on Cathcart to look for gold. Also many other from Australia took their families there as well. Some of the people were not of good character and in October 1956 William Turner (alias Gipsey Smith) fatally shot Sergeant John McNally. A headstone for him is in the Cathcart Cemetery. There were many stories about horse thieves and murderers in the old days and these were dealt with tough justice by a self established vigilante committee.
After the first rush the lead was lost and most miners moved on to other diggings except one of the original party J. P. Rodd who was in partnership with an American Negro Richard Davis (alias  Black Harry). They  traced the gold deeper and hit another lead calling it Blackman Lead. This attracted 3,000 diggers to the area, Other leads were discovered each causing a new rush of miners.
The general area became known as Cathcart and with time the name was given to the Township where stores, school, hall and hotels had sprung up. There were many tents and lean-to shanties.
Today there is little evidence of the hustle and bustle of the frenzied gold diggers and their lively community of dreamers. Except maybe the Cemetery, which is on the Ararat  ~  Pomonal Rd.

For further information on any of the burials in this Cemetery please contact the Secretary of the Trust,  
Mr. J. Billet, RMB  2590 
Dennicull Creek Rd.
03 53521754
Ararat, Victoria, 3377


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