Delegate Cemetery
1852 ~ 2009



The town of Delegate is on the Bonang Highway, Delegate with its population of only 450 people is located 546 km south of Sydney in the south east corner of New South Wales. The tiny village has a reputation as one the finest trout fishing destinations in New South Wales. The highway from Bombala runs through Delegate and continues to Orbost in Victoria's East Gippsland. 

Delegate Station which was the starting point for many of these expeditions was one of the earliest runs on the Monaro. It had been established by Robert Campbell in the late 1820s and it subsequently gave its name to both the local river and the small township which grew up beside that river.

The road has changed little since it was established by a number of explorers who moved through the area looking for suitable grazing land and bringing herds of cattle into the fertile plains of East Gippsland. By 1835 George McKillop had travelled through Delegate and established a substantial holding in East Gippsland. He was followed in 1830-40 by Angus McMillan who became one of the largest East Gippsland land owners.

Pictorial Register of all headstones This includes a close up of headstone and a long shot which shows the whole grave. Also included is the War Memorial with a list of names of those who served from the area. Parents where known have been added. Plus Cemetery Layout. Also included on this cd are the headstones from the Aston Cemetery which is located on the Bonang Highway between Bombala and Delegate. Approximately 12 kilometres from Bombala heading towards Delegate. On the left hand side of the road is a group of pine trees. The headstones are under these trees in a paddock. Aston is the name of a nearby grazing property.

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Scene of Delegate Cemetery

Scene of Aston Cemetery

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