Lakes Entrance Cemetery
1878  ~  2009


Lakes Entrance is a fishing Port on the Gippsland Lakes in Eastern Victoria.  It is also a very popular tourist destination. 

The original cemetery was at Merrangbaur Hill and was relocated in the late 1800's to the present day Lakes Entrance Cemetery which is in Colquhoun Road. It was Gazetted in 1889, and consists of approximately 10 acres. It is divided into the following sections.  Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist and General.  A Monumental Garden  and Niche Wall have been later additions.  A garden for Plaques has recently been added.   

The earliest headstone is 1878, which is for Caroline Elizabeth Bell.  This headstone was originally located in the Bell family cemetery at Bell's Point but was moved to the present day cemetery.  Another old marble headstone for the Bell family was also moved to the cemetery but has since been stolen.

The original cemetery records were destroyed by fire in the early 1900's.  Over the years the Cemetery Register has been redone from history but is still incomplete for the earlier burials. The first burial in the present day register is for 31 January 1899. 

Many children who died of diphtheria during the epidemic  are buried in this cemetery in unmarked graves.

Some burials without headstones plus Pictorial Register of all headstones. This includes a close up of headstone and a long shot which shows the whole grave. Also included are Honour Rolls and War Memorial with a list of names of those who served from the area. Parents where known have been added. Plus Cemetery Layout.
Thanks to Brian Hancock for his help with the history of the cemetery.  

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Entrance to Lakes Entrance Cemetery

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