Marlo  Cemetery
1878 ~ 2009


On the 27th December 1907, five acres of land was gazetted for the Marlo Cemetery on the Cape Conran Road.  Over the years the cemetery has been used spasmodically and for many years it was not used at all.  In 1958 money was spent on the cemetery on clearing and fencing.  All went quiet again for several years, and a new Trust came into being and with a grant from the Public health department and some volunteer work clearing and fencing was again carried out.  

The Stirling grave is an old one but has a modern bronze plaque mounted on a rock.  William died in 1878 and is supposed to be buried at Marlo.  Maybe he was re-interred here as the cemetery was not around then.

A Lawn Section has since been added.

Cost  ~  $35.00


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