Rosedale  Cemetery

1861 ~ 2009


Rosedale 1861 ~ 2009 ~
The township of Rosedale (Victoria) is in the Wellington Shire and is between Traralgon and Sale. It is mostly a farming community.

The Rosedale Cemetery is situated next to the Rosedale Speedway approximately 3 kms to the south of the town.  The cemetery was gazetted in 1872 and according to history there were burials long before the cemetery was gazetted, but it is difficult to prove some of these very early ones.  Like most of our early cemeteries there are many young children buried here.

The Cemetery is approximately 10 acres in size. The Monumental sections are over a large area.  There is also a lawn section and a wall niche. 

Prior to 1900 a survey was made of the cemetery and sections were set aside for Wesleyans, Jews, Independents, Strangers, Baptists and Poor.  This is in addition to the sections that are there today.

The earliest burial on this CD is 1861, and the earliest original headstone is 1867, (Hugh Buntine) this is an old red-gum head wood.  There are three old red-gum head woods still standing.  There is an earlier marked grave 1862 (Patrick Conarty) but it has a modern brass plaque.

This CD-ROM is a combination of burials from monumental inscriptions and other internments that have been obtain from cemetery records, Births, Deaths and Marriage records and the Internet.

Many thanks goes to the secretary of the Rosedale Cemetery Trust, Mr. Don McCreadie  for allowing me to photograph the Burial Register for this CD.

Pictorial Register of all headstones and full burial register. Parents where known have been added. Plus Cemetery Layout.

If you would like more information on any of the burials in the Rosedale Cemetery found on this CD-ROM please contact the secretary  Mr. Don McCreadie.

Cost of this CD is $50.00

NOTE: This Cemetery is presently being re - done and updated to 2009 and will now contain all Burial Records.

Entrance to the Rosedale Cemetery


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