Taradale Cemetery
1858 ~ 2003


Taradale is on the Calder Highway between Malmsbury and Harcourt on the way to Bendigo in Central Victoria. The cemetery which is signposted is approximately 3kms. west of the township of Taradale heading towards Bendigo.  

While trying to strike it rich, many miners came to this area but met with horrendous deaths from rock falls, cave ins, drowning in shafts or from disease.  The earliest headstone that I have found in the Taradale Cemetery is for Robert Keir who died in 1858.

Many infant children were buried in the years prior to 1900.  With poor living conditions,  epidemics of influenza and dysentery, plus malnutrition the mortality rate of infants was very high. Many died only days or months old, some only lived for one hour.  Sadly one family buried 4 small children in the one year. 

There are several Chinese buried in this cemetery and as they were classed as paupers, their grave locations are not known.

The cemetery  is very well maintained.  It is broken up into religious  denominations ~ Roman Catholic, Church of England, Presbyterian, Methodist, Independent, Baptist, Disciple, Lutheran, No Religion, Chinese and Pauper.

The main ones that were used are Roman Catholic, Church Of England, Presbyterian and Methodist.

Pictorial Register of all headstones close up of headstone and a long shot which shows the whole grave. Parents where known have been added. Plus Cemetery Layout.  Also complete Burial Register

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