Ultima and Waitchie Cemeteries
1917 ~ 2009


The Ultima Cemetery is approximately 1 kms west of the town of Ultima on the left hand side. Not all of the land is used, and it is well maintained.

The Waitchie Cemetery is on the Waitchie Road.  It is a very small place and the cemetery is approximately 2 acres in size but all of it is not fenced off.  It is a fenced area in the middle of a wheat paddock and it is not signposted.

The original records were destroyed by fire and now the earliest record is 1929 and the last burial was on 23 March 1989.  The cemetery is now closed.  There are many burials that have no headstone and no records.  The earliest headstone is 1904.

Entrance to Ultima Cemetery

Entrance to the paddock for Waitchie Cemetery

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