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About Me

I am married with six children, two still living at home. Hobbies include visiting cemeteries, working for the community, preserving local and Australian history for the benefit of future generations. With lack of education, my teacher has been the school of adversity - and I still can't spell !


I have been interested in history since visiting Ben Hall's grave on the outskirts of Forbes when I was 12 years old. Since then I have has a fascination for Australian history and the families that created I started doing family trees when I left school and it wasn't long before I was addicted, like all family researchers.


I moved to the high country in 1988, home of my ancestors of whom I had done a lot of research on. Researching high country families you soon find you are related to four out of five, and if I wasn't related my soon to be husband was - his ancestors were also pioneers of the district.


Historical Consultant to many Government Departments

Computer Operator

I  am self taught in computers, and hate anything to beat me, so have spent hours teaching myself - I now do graphic art, web design, programming and even building computers. Through hard work and dedication I now hold the position of Marketing manager for a national company.

some of the sites I have built:
Australian Truck Drivers Memorial

Reborn Register
Victorian High Country Huts Association
Pakem Self Storage


S o much of our history has gone to waste or been lost, so in an effort to preserve our history I too up writing it. My efforts have been blessed with the production of 19 publications, several award winning efforts.



                   With 25 years experience in researching and recording High Country families

                        i now have a database of over 150,000 of people connected to the High Country



Other Achievements

Winner - Victorian Community History Awards, 2002
Best Community/Research/Register/Records

1998 Victorian Community and Local History Awards
Special Commendation

National Volunteer Hero's Award 2001

Nominated and featured Peoplescape at Parliament House in Canberra