Brewer & Warren

John Brewer

Charlotte Warren

Married: 1854 in  Melbourne

Born: 17th August 1832 in Cornwall, England                     Born:1835
Died:13th August 1915 Died: 11th October 1918
Father: John Brewer Father: John Warren
Mother: Mary Randall Mother: Jane

He came to Australia in 1849 He was engaged to take cattle and sheep to New Zealand. On the discovery of gold, in the Victoria, John decided to head for the gold diggings. He was in Ballarat at the time of the Eureka uprising moving later to the Ovens district. He began a dairying business at Wooragee, later purchasing a property there. The couple were to have a family of nine sons and daughters.

Hannah Jane

Born: 1857  in Beechworth

 Richard Rundale                             

Born: 1868  in Beechworth


Born:  1859  in Beechworth

Charlotte Grace Bosence               

Born: 1870   in Beechworth

Mary Maria               

Born:  1861  in Beechworth


Born: 1873  in Beechworth

John David               

Born:  1863  in Beechworth


Born: 1873  in Beechworth

Cecilia Ann               

Born: 1866  in Beechworth