Loughnan & Booth



Edmund Loughnan Sarah Booth

Married: 31 October 1881

Born: 21 July 1860 Elaine, Victoria Born: 1859 Amherst, Victoria
Died: 21 Feb 1939 West Brunswick, Victoria Died: 7 Jun 1954 Brunswick, Victoria
Father: James Loughnan Father : George Booth
Mother: Susannah Eaton Mother : Elizabeth Mayman

Edmund and Sarah had a falling out with the Catholic church which refused entry to their children when they fell ill. The person who drove the family to church every Sunday was a member of the Salvation Army and he offered them access to his church at any time.

Edmund took up his offer and his family became strong devotees of the Salvation Army in Victoria. Edmund and Sarah were never very long in the one place and travelled extensively around the state of Victoria. Their 9 children were born between the ruggered gold fields in Ballarat to the lush farming lands in Gippsland. They finally settled in the outer Metropolitan suburb of Brunswick where Edmund died at the age of 79. Sarah("little Granny") did a magnificient job of keeping the family together and passed away at the age of 94 years while still living in the Brunswick area.

1.James Edmund b.1882 Ballarat East 6.Jane b.1893 Bullarto
2.Edmond b.1884 Broomfield 7.Annie b.1895 Bullarto
3.Elizabeth Ellen b.1886 Oakleigh 8.Alice May b.1898 Charlton
4.George Arthur b.1888 Nar Nar Goon 9.Robert b.1901 Ballarat East
5.Kate May b.1891 Allandale



Name: Gordon Loughnan