Campbell & McNiel

James Campbell Margaret McNiel

Married: 1 July 1828 Greenock RFW SCT

Born: 30 April 1803 Glasgow LKS SCT

Born: 5 December 1804 Greenock RFW SCT

Died: 15 February 1888 Geelong VIC AUS

Died: 14 May 1882 Geelong VIC AUS

Father: Andrew CAMPBELL

Father: Dugald McNIEL

Mother: Marion LAIRD

Mother: Margaret McLEOD

James and Margaret Campbell lived in the Tradeston district of Glasgow, where James was a commission agent and merchant.  On 7 June 1857 they, with eight of their thirteen children, left Glasgow on the ship "Melbourne", arriving in Melbourne, Victoria, on 23 September 1857.  The family settled in Geelong, where James became a highly regarded citizen.  He became the secretary of the Australian Alliance Insurance Company, and later one of its managing directors.  He was the secretary of the Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum, and also secretary of the Geelong and Western District Agricultural and Horticultural Society.  He was a deeply religious man, having been elected an elder of the Church of Scotland at the unusually early age of nineteen.  He continued to hold office in the Church all his life.  He was an elder and session clerk of High Church, Geelong.  James and Margaret share a grave in the Geelong West Cemetery.  Their son James was my great-grandfather.


 Margaret McNiel CAMPBELL

   b. 17 March 1829 Glasgow LKS SCT

 Catherine CAMPBELL

   b. 18 June 1839 Glasgow LKS SCT


   b. 9 October 1830 Glasgow LKS SCT

 Jane Miller CAMPBELL

   b. 1 November 1844 Glasgow LKS SCT


   b. 21 August 1835 Glasgow LKS SCT


 b. 13 July 1836 Glasgow LKS SCT


  b. 11 April 1837 Glasgow LKS SCT


   b. 12 October 1848 Glasgow LKS SCT

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