Chambers & Gibbs



Married:12th October 1904   Arthur River

Born:24th June 1877 at Mt.Korong,Victoria

Born:'Boolading' farm near Darkan

Died:2nd June 1962 at Boyup Brook, W.A.

Died:8th November 1943 at Boyup Brook, W.A.

Father:Joseph Chambers

Father:William John Gibbs

Mother:Eliza Jane Reynolds

Mother:Sarah Anne Fisher

William Chambers was the fifth child of Joseph and Eliza.At the time of his birth the family lived on a property called "High Hope" near Wytchitella, Victoria.The farm was situated on the edge of the desert and life was pretty tough. William and his family moved into town when the children were old enough to attend the local government school. Family tradition tells us that William and his younger brother, (Syd) didn't think much of school and where abit on the wild side and promptly left school as soon as something better came along.

William and Syd, at the age of thirteen and fourteen, set off to go shed handing. Only thing was they never told anyone where they were going. The family once again moved. This time to Ultima to a property called "Forlorn Hope". Syd and William were 20 and 21 now and wanted to move further afield. After hearing of the gold rush's in the Klondyke and Kalgoorlie the boys tossed to see which one they would go to.William didn't want to go to America, but the Klondyke won. Sid set off to Melbourne, but not having enough money for the fare, stowed away on the ship. Once out at sea, he realised he was on the wrong ship and was going to Western Australia.

In June 1898, William set off to Western Australia to join his brother. William found his way to Kalgoorlie but couldn't find any work. He thought he would walk back to York. On his way he found work in Merredin and then caught a train to York and met up with his brother, Syd. The brothers found work in Serpentine, digging drains. While they were there they were offered some land at a place called Denningup Brook. William bought it there and then.

From Serpentine they headed to Greenbushes, then to Bridgetown and Jerramungup. They ended back at Bridgetown where they bought another block. After paying for the block, Syd and William had very little money left and so called their selection "Poverty Point".

William met Francis May Gibbs at a shearers ball in October 1899, they became engaged  in 1903 and then married on the 12th October 1904. Francis father had a few misgivings about his daughters fiance, but Francis was determined. Their first child was born in 1905


Name:Lillian May Chambers
Born:21st August 1905
Died 25th February 1968
Married: 13th January 1932     
Name:Harry Stephen Chambers
Born:24th February 1907
Died 21st January 1992
Married: 16th May 1934     
Name: William George Chambers
Born: 19th March 1909
Died  19th March 1972
Name: Ivy Rubina Chambers
Born: 19th November 1910
Died 3rd April 1988
Married: 5th February 1930     
Name:Albert Frederick Chambers
Born: 5th July 1912
Died 26th September 1997
Married: 17th June 1946     
Name: Charles (Ted) Edward Chambers
Born: 19th May 1914
Died  9th May 1978
Married:  22nd August 1939    
Name Sydney Francis Chambers
Born: 22nd August 1919
Married: 26th March 1953     


Name: Yvonne Zylstra

Connected with: Boyup Brook, Southwest of Western Australia