Collins and Allen

James Collins

Elizabeth Allen

Married: 1856 in Gwennap.

Born: 1835 in Gwennap, Cornwall.        Born: born 1830 Gwennap, Cornwall
Died:1907  Buried in Bright Died: 1906 Buried in Bright
Father:   Father: Stephen Allen
Mother: Mother:  Ann

James and Elizabeth came to Australia in 1858 on 'Marco Polo'. James was a miner in Cornwall and appears to have pursued this occupation in Victoria. The couple had seven children born in Beechworth, Newton. Morses Creek. Bright and Growlers Creek, only four of these children survived. They are buried in the cemetery in Bright where there is a handsome monument to the family.


born: 1859 Beechworth Died: 1866


born: 1866 Beechworth


born:1860  Newton


born: 1868 Growlers Creek


born:1862 Morses Creek


born: 1871 Bright


born: 1864

Submitted by Margaret Barnes, Gosford, N.S.W.

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