Glover & Mitchell


Edwin Gardiner Glover 
Margaret Brown Mitchell 
Married: 1852, Scots Church Sydney NSW
Born: 19 Jul 1826, Hobart, Tasmania Born: ca 1827, Glasgow, Scotland
Died: 17 Apr 1892 at Donald, Vic, Australia Died: 1917, South Yarra, Vic, Australia
Father: Charles Glover Father: John Mitchell
Mother: Elizabeth ? Mother: Mary Kellar
Edwin Gardiner Glover and Margaret Mitchell were pioneers in both Tasmania and Victoria. Together they ran hotels, mostly in the Victorian central goldfields region.

Edwin Gardiner Glover and Margaret Mitchell were married at Scots Church, Church Hill, Sydney, on Thursday August 5th, 1852. Margaret was the daughter of John Mitchell, an engineer, who was present at the wedding and signed the register as one of the witnesses, with a John London as the other. Margaret's mother had died sometime prior to the wedding. 

Edwin is shown as "bachelor, of Tasmania," and Margaret and her father lived in Sydney. It is not known how they met. It is possible that John and his daughter travelled to Tasmania on occasions, as there are records listing J. or John Mitchell on various ships arriving from Tasmania in the years before 1852, but it is not know whether any of these refer to this John Mitchell, or another. There are at least two John Mitchells, maybe three, living in Sydney at the time, and a James Mitchell. The infamous Irish nationalist, John Mitchell, was also living in Tasmania at the time, on parole. He escaped to the USA in 1853.

There are many newspaper references to J. Mitchell/ John Mitchell/ John H Mitchell, but again it is difficult to ascertain whether it is Margaret's father or not. There was a J. Mitchell and a Miss Mitchell that attended the Lord Mayor's Ball in 1844. This could have been John and Margaret. It is highly likely that he was one of the two Mitchells (one J., one John) who gave money towards the building of Scots Church. He could have been the J. Mitchell who attended a meeting of the Bethel Union which supported the work of a chaplaincy to seamen in Sydney. 

Edwin was the son of Charles Glover, a dealer in Hobart in the 1820s. Edwin may have been to the California gold rush in 1849-51. An E. Glover is recorded as a passenger on the "Walter Claxton" which arrived Sydney ex-San Francisco on 19th Oct 1851. It is probably Edwin, because they later went to the Australian goldfields. Their son Edwin Charles was born on the Malakoff diggings in 1863.

Perhaps Edwin went from Tasmania (or Victoria) to California, made his fortune (or not), and came back to Sydney where he met Miss Mitchell and married her the following year? Their son John Mitchell Glover was born in Tasmania in 1853 (VDI).
The Vic Pioneer Index has "M" Glover born to "Edward" and Margaret Mitchell at New Norfolk, 17 August 1853 (33/1853/885).

Their daughter Elizabeth Jane/Jean was born at Collingwood in 1855. Edwin is not in the 1856 Census for Melbourne, nor Sands Directories from 1857, so perhaps they moved shortly after her birth. They were on the Malakoff diggings by the early 1860s, as his son Edwin Charles was born there on 16th April, 1863. Malakoff later became the town of Landsborough, near Moonambel. 

According to family recollections, Edwin Charles had a (younger?) sister Annie who was unmarried. Annie was possibly a redhead who died in early adulthood of pneumonia. She doesn't seem to appear in any BDM records though.

In 1868 Edwin snr is not in the Victorian Post Office Directory of Avoca residents, nor in Moonambel, so presumably was still at Malakoff. 

An advertisement in the Landsborough Times Fri Jan 29, 1869 reads: 

Brook Street, Moonambel
Edwin Glover having purchased the above old established house, begs to solicit a continuance of the support hitherto bestowed on it.
The Traveller, The Miner, and all Visitors will find every accommodation.
The stock of Wines Spirits and Beer will always be found to be of the best quality

This hotel was, according to several sources, also the staging post for the Cobb and Co. coaches.

In 1871 Edwin is listed as a shareholder (50 shares) in the Monte Christo Quartz Gold Mining and Crushing Company (Limited). The list describes him as "hotelkeeper, Moonambel." Francis Martin ("storekeeper, Avoca," 40 shares), whose daughter later married Edwin's son Edwin Charles, was also a shareholder.

Edwin was still the licensee of the Commercial Hotel at Moonambel in 1876, according to "Pioneers of the Pyrenees," page 67. Judging by the clothes and style of card etc, a photo of him was taken about that year and is now in the Glover Album (the one above). He was also a member of the Church of England there. The same page of the Beavis sisters' book also states: "The first C. of E. services at Moonambel were held in a galvanised building with an earth floor which stood near the existing site and was also used as a school. The present building of St. Paul's was erected in 1878, and the old one sold to Mr Balmer...Contract prices for the new church were...[prices for woodwork, painting, & brick and stonework are quoted]...Dal. Adams, Secretary and Treasurer of the church, gave the bricks used in construction. The Bishop of Ballarat performed the opening ceremony om 9th March, 1879. 78/8/8 was raised for the building fund at a bazaar held in 1880. "Twelve seats were purchased at a cost of 30/- each" and the first organ for 28. Messrs. T. Crick, Jnr, E.G. Glover, R.I. Wilson, I. Borbridge, and I.T.B. Wills formed the first committee. D. Williams joine dthe committee in 1886...Ladies active in church matters in these early days were Mesdames Greens, Murdoch, Howard, Wiseman, the misses Ada and Emily Stockman, and S. Greene. Archdeacon Julius, Archdeacon Tucker, and the Rev. J.E.F. May have been remembered for their many "illustrated lectures of great interest." "

In 1877 together with Thomas Granger and Charles Middleton, Edwin Glover was appointed a cemetery trustee of the Moonambel cemetery.

On 29th May 1878, Edwin's daughter Elizabeth Jane was married to William Booth Hodgetts at the Moonambel Church of England. They had a daughter, Margaret (Madge) soon after, but Elizabeth died aged 24 in 1880. Her husband remarried Bridget Ryan and had other children.

In 1881 Wright's Australian & American Gazetteer says Moonambel had a population of about 280. It lists "Glover, Edwin" as one of the hotelkeepers, along with H.G. Stockman and Mrs Ann Wilson. In 1886, however, Edwin was licensee of the Avoca hotel at Avoca, and also replaced J.B. Smith as the agent for the Cobb & Co. coach line in that year.

Edwin's son Edwin Charles married Eliza Martin in 1890. Edwin jnr and Eliza, with their two children, Margaret and Mary, moved to Donald from Avoca, and apparently their father Edwin followed, to run the Commercial Hotel there. WHen Edwin died there, his children helped his mother run the hotel. Eliza worked as a housemaid in the hotel, and Edwin junior helped out as well.  According to their daughter, Annie, Edwin Charles became a good snooker and billiards player through this experience. However, since there was a billiards room adjoining the hotel at Moonambel, it is likely that the younger Edwin had already had some experience at the game as he grew up.

Edwin Gardiner Glover died on 17th April, 1892 at Donald and is buried at Avoca. The inscription reads: 
"In loving memory of Edwin Gardiner Glover who died 17th April 1892 Aged 64
The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away Blessed be the name of the Lord"

Margaret survived her husband by 25 years, though for the last ten years of her life she was apparently senile. Her death certificate states that she died of "senile cerebral degeneration" on 25 September, 1917, her grandaughter Annie's 10th birthday. Duration of illness is given as 10 years. Her eldest son John Mitchell Glover is listed as age 64 on her death certificate. It would appear that she lived with his family in her dotage. She died at 14 Surrey St South Yarra. The informant to her death is given as her grandson, J.A. Taylor, of 14 Surrey St. This was John Taylor, actually a grandson-in-law, who married Marguerite Glover, Margaret's grandaughter.

A large photo portrait of Margaret existed, possibly dating from as early as the 1850s, but it was tragically burned by her granddaughter Dorothy upon the death of Margaret's daughter Eliza Glover (nee Martin) in 1961. Ann Munro remembers seeing the portrait some 60 years ago, but could only describe Margaret Mitchell as a "severe looking woman."

However, another, smaller (cabinet) photo has just come to light, which Dorothy still had. It may have been removed from the Glover Album. It shows a middle aged woman in a dark bonnet and dress, ca 1880s - the photo shown above. 

Margaret was interred on 26 September, 1917, at Avoca Cemetery, presumably in the same grave as her husband, though no insciption was made on the tombstone. The service was conducted by Rev Charles Reed of the Church of England.

The Photo of Edwin above was taken around 1876. An earlier photo (1868) also exists of him with one of his children. The photo of Margaret is probably 1880s.


John Mitchell Glover
Born: 1853 Tasmania Died: 1927 Victoria
Edwin Charles Glover
Born: 16 Apr 1863, Malakoff Diggings Vic
Died: 28 Oct 1959, Parkes NSW
Elizabeth Jean Glover
Born 1855 Collingwood Vic
Died: 6 May 1880 Landsborough Vic
[possibly] Annie Glover ?
Born: 1860s?


Name: Greg Munro