Gibbs & Martin



Married:14th April 1847

Born:Dec.1807 London

Baptised: 8th May 1825 East Sussex

Died:18th  June 1895 Darkan

Died:22nd February 1896 Perth

Father:Samuel Gibbs

Father:Henry Martin

Mother:Charlotte Gibbs

Mother:Elizabeth Batcup

William Gibbs arrived in Western Australia with his uncle and aunt, William and Harriet (nee Lacy) Gibbs, on the Quebec Trader on the 19th April 1834. Harriet Martin arrived in Western Australia with her parents and siblings on the 20th August 1842, having sailed on the Simon Taylor.

William and Harriet married in 1847 and in 1850 moved to Serpentine.Most of their 11 children were born here. William steadly acquired land in the Perth Swan and Canning areas.In Jan.1853 William applied for 1000 acres of land at Cockburn. The Gibbs's lived on the banks of the Serpentine River (near the south west highway) between 1850 and 1860.

In the early 1860's William moved his large family to the Upper Beaufort River.They lived in a house owned by William Cornwell. William Gibbs worked by hunting kangaroos and selling the skins in return for provisions in Bunbury.William and his sons were also employed by the government to discover new land for settlement.While on one of his expeditions William found an area known by the local aborigines as 'Darkan'. The Nyoongar people regarded this place as the camping ground for unborn babies waiting for a mother.Early 1867 the Gibbs's moved once again to the place discovered at Darkan.The water was found to be unreliable so the family moved one mile west of the original site. Harriet gave birth to her last baby. Sarah was the first white child born in the area. The family survived from the kangaroo skin trade. They also were sandalwood cutters.For the next 5 years  family were the only family in the area. How isolated must that have been. In the early 1870's the Fisher family arrived and took up land a few miles south of the Gibbs's. Two of William and Harriet's children, William and Sophia, married a Fisher.For the next 30 years these two families comprised of the entire population of the area.

William and Harriet Gibbs would seem to have been true pioneers in a harsh land - surviving on forward thinking, determination, improvision and an adventurous spirit.


Name:Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
Born:1847, Canning
Died 18th June 1928/29 Albany
Married:Robert Spencer, 29th October 1869     
Name:John Samuel Gibbs
Born:28th September 1848, Canning
Died 19th July 1908, Picton
Married:Jane Gardiner 10th April 1871      
Name:Sophia Gibbs
Born:1849, Canning
Died 21st January 1913, Darkan
Married:Thomas Fisher 10th May 1871   
Name:William John Gibbs
Born:6th May 1851, Serpentine
Died 25th September 1921, Darkan
Married:Sarah Anne Fisher, 2nd March 1874      
Name:Eliza Gibbs
Born:1853, Serpentine
Name:Thomas Gibbs
Born:22nd May 1856, Serpentine
Died 6th July 1941, Kojonup
Married:Ellen Flindell, 26th February 1899     
Name:Henry Gibbs
Born:20th September 1858, Serpentine
Died 18th May 1938, Darkan
Married:Eleanor Harris, 25th April 1895   
Name:Charlotte Gibbs
Born:10th December 1860, Serpentine
Died 12th November 1940, Albany
Married:William Sounness, 27th September 1876      
Name:Harriet Gibbs
Born:16th November 1862, Perth
Died 5th February 1899
Married:Charles Marsh, 17th February 1884               
Name:Annie Gibbs
Born:10th December 1865, Beaufort River
Died 22nd September 1906, Perth
Married:John Stone, 20th September 1896      
Name:Sarah Jane Gibbs
Born: 19th May 1868, Darkan
Died 1950
Married:George Chapman, 29th September 1893      

SUBMITTED BY: Yvonne Zylstra (great great grand-daughter)