Guthrie & Collier

James Guthrie

Bridget Collier  

Married:     24 Jan 1871    Beechworth  Vic

Born:         1841          Burntisland   Scotland

Born:        c.1851        St. Kilda     Vic

Died:         19 Sep 1902    Beechworth   Vic

Died:         27 Nov 1906     Beechworth  Vic

Father:       James GUTHRIE

Father:      Thomas  COLLIER

Mother:      Rankeillour  DRYBURGH 

Mother:     Catherine DOYLE

Born in Scotland, James came to  Australia in 1858 on the 'White Star'. He was 17 years old. 

He settled in Beechworth and married Bridget.  They had sixteen children, all of whom survived to adulthood. 

James was involved in mining in the Beechworth area.  For many years he was the manager of Mr. D Fletcher's claim at Silver Creek.

In the book 'Pioneers of the Ovens and Townsmen of Beechworth' by M. Rosalyn Shennan, paragraph 39: James is mentioned as a member of a party which registered a tail race, at the end of 1856, which extended from the Spring Creek Falls, near Newtown Bridge, to the alluvial flats at Spring Creek.   

When the group broke up only four of the group remained, including James Guthrie and his uncle Robert Dryburgh.

James was well thought of in the district and died of peritonitis aged 61 years. 


James Henderson

b.14 Mar 1871    Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

Died: 13 Jun 1922    Beechworth  Vic

Married: Elizabeth Theresa Daley  (29 Sep 1896)

Helen Isabella

Born. 1882  Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

Died:  1921  Beechworth  Vic

Married: John Juggernaut  (1911)


Born: 28 Nov 1873  Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

Died: 03 Nov 1953  Beechworth  Vic

Married: Nebel  1897    m. Duncan  1908


Born: 1884  Three Mile  Beechworth Vic  

Died: 08 Oct 1913  Tingha  NSW

John Maurice

b. 1877  Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

d.  Feb 1942  Beechworth  Vic


Born: 1885   Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

Died: 1908  Victoria

Married: Danial Edgar ORR  


b. 1880  Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

d.  Mar 1946  Ferntree Gully  Vic

Married: Eva Sophia VODDEN  (1918)


Born: 27 Oct 1886  Three Mile Beechworth

Married: Rubenia May RYAN  (1914)


Born: 1872  Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

Died 02 May 1948  Beechworth  Vic

Married: Thomas J King  (1922)


Born: 28 May 1889  Three Mile  Beechworth

Died: 21 Sep 1974   Wangaratta  Vic

Anna Catherine

Born: 1875  Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

Died:  28 Apr 1956  Beechworth  Vic

Daisy Margaret

Born: 26 Oct 1890 Three Mile Beechworth

Died: Oct 1964  Beechworth  Vic


Born: 1879  Three Mile  Beechworth  Vic

Died:  Feb 1947  Beechworth  Vic

Alice Lena

Born: 24 Mar 1892 Three Mile  Beechworth

Died: 11 May 1963  Beechworth  Vic

Married: Joseph Morris Gorrie  (1913) 

Ada Constance  

Born: 10 Nov 1894  Three Mile Beechworth  Vic

Died.  05 Jul 1879   Beechworth

Married: Samuel Brown 

Lilian Mary

Born: 05 Dec 1896  Three Mile  Beechworth  

Died:  1950    Preston  vic

 Married:  William Valentine Farley

  Submitted by: Denise Mascaro