Hurn & Hutchcroft

John Hurn  

Elizabeth Hutchcroft

Married:2 Oct 1851 in the District of St James Ratcliffe County of Middlesex England

Born: 30/11/1823  Place not known exactly

Born: abt 1830 London

Died: 18th February 1858  White Hills, Maryborough, 

Died:   25 September 1884  Fentons Creek, Victoria



Mother:  Not known

Mother: ELIZABETH  ??

John Hurn married Elizabeth Hutchcroft (maiden name Brumfield) a widow on 2/10/1851 in the District of St James Ratcliffe County of Middlesex England. John was recorded as a "Seaman" and they arrived in Australia abt 1853/54. John arrived on the Gold Fields at Dunolly , Victoria and prospected there. On 18/2/1858 he was at the top of a mine shaft, at "White Hills" when the person at the bottom of the shaft called "Foul Air" The windlass was lowered to raise that fellow, but he dropped off the rope part way up the shaft. John Hurn then went down the shaft to rescue the chap who had fallen off the rope . That chap was rescued and raised to the top of the shaft, but when the windlass was lowered again to raise John Hurn he was found to have been overcome from the "bad air" and was found to be dead. The inquest finding was "Died accidentally by suffocation". John is believed to be buried in the Maryborough Cemetery


B    28/9/1855     Moliagul Victoria
D    1/10/1931     Numurkah Victoria
B    26/9/1857    Dunolly Victoria
D    1/1/1924    Kingston Victoria.

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