Jamieson & Fordyce



Captain Sholto Gardner Jamieson

Elizabeth Fordyce
Married:19 April 1849 Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland
Born:12 July 1818 Bracknagarth, Unst, Shetland Born:24 december 1820 Unst,Shetlands, Scotland
Died:January 1882 Emerald Hill, Vic, Australia Died:1899 Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Father: Simeon Jamieson 1781 -aft 1851 Father: William Fordyce 15.6.1794 -  died at sea March 1855
Mother: Hannah Arnott 1792 - bef 1851 Mother:Margaret Robertson 11.12.1792  -  11.6.1878
Captain Sholto Gardner Jamieson sailed to Australia on the “Leven Lass”in 1853  with his wife Elizabeth Fordyce and his daughter Margaret (2). Elizabeth’s brother-in-law also came for the sea voyage as his health was not good, but he died on the trip out and was buried on St.Paul Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Letters from Elizabeth and Sholto to her mother are still in existence. They tell of a long sad trip, and the disappointment of a hot dusty arrival in Melbourne, and the high prices of goods and lodgings.
Captain Sholto only sailed on coastal voyages after arriving in Australia, and the family never went back to Scotland. 
This is a photo of Capt. Sholto Gardner Jamieson with his daughter Elizabeth. It was taken c 1868-70


Margaret Fordyce Jamieson 


d. 1856 

Elizabeth Hatton Pash Jamieson


d. 1948

m.1888 Hector Albert McMinn

William Fordyce Jamieson



m.1882Mary Elizabeth Harvey

James John Ingram Jamieson



Sholto Gardner Jamieson




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