Jane Seymour

  Married:  09 Apr 1893     

Born: 08 Sep 1871 in: Hinnomunjie, Victoria,     Husband: Sydney Seymour   
Died: 06 Sep 1950 in: Omeo, Victoria   Born: 1870    in: Paddington, NSW        
Father: Robert Dakin Jones   Died: 25 Jan 1937 in: Queensland,   
Mother: Harriet Arnold   Father: Joseph Seymour Mother: Amelia Johns  
Jane was born at Hinnomunjie on the 8 Sep 1871, daughter of Robert Deakin and Harriet Jones. Her parents owned the Hinnomunjie Hotel and Jane would have to row the boat across the river to collect the Royal Mail. She married Sydney Seymour in 1893 and they were to have four children. Sarah died on 6 Sep 1951 and is buried in the Omeo Cemetery. After her death, her son, Claude, drove from Wodonga every two years to renew the gold lettering on her grave until his own death.  


Amelia Hilda Seymour        

b.21 Dec.1893 - d.7 July 1956

George Frederick

b. 3 May 1902 - d. 28 Dec. 1959

Laura May

b.22 July 1895 - d 13 march 1976

Richard Thomas

b. 31 May 1905 - d.26 May 1973

Levinia Jane

b.18 Feb. 1898 - d 23 Nov. 1898

Claude Joseph

b. 19 May 1916 - d.17 Nov. 1996

Sydney Winchester

b.12 April 1900 - d. 19 Sept. 1921