Lampard & Edwards






Married:  March 15, 1825  Hartfield, Sussex, ENG

Born:June 11, 1797  Cowden, Kent, ENG

Born: April 13, 1811 Hartfield, Sussex, ENG

Died:July 18, 1868 East Wellington, South Australia

Died:Dec 9, 1876 East Wellington, South Australia

Father:William LAMPARD

Father: Joseph EDWARDS

Mother: Ann  (unknown)

Mother: Sarah HEWITT

 Arrived in Port Adelaide Dec 18, 1839 aboard the "Cleveland" along with their son James (6) and Thomas'  sons William (14) and George (12) from his first marriage to Elizabeth MILSTED nee BALDING [c1800-1832] Lived in Melbourne St., North Adelaide until 1843 when they selected land at Wellington on Murray and settled there.  Thomas was a well respected pioneer in the Murray district and is documented to have been one of the first men to establish a garden on the banks of the Murray.



Name: William LAMPARD
Born:June 24, 1825 Limpsfield, Surrey, ENG
Died Nov 24, 1899 Edenhope, VIC, AUS
Married:  Thursa GIBBS
Name:  Robert Hall LAMPARD
Born:  April 5, 1843 Adelaide, South Australia
Died  1927  Ballarat, VIC
Married:      Ellen WARLAND 
Name: George LAMPARD
Born:Dec 3, 1827 Hartfield, Sussex, ENG
Died  June 15, 1864 Lacepede Bay, South Australia
Married:   Eliza DOHERTY
Name:  Jane Julia LAMPARD
Born:  May 23, 1847 Wellington, South Australia
Died   May 27, 1927 Adelaide, South Australia
Married:       James Kenneth CAMPBELL


Name:  James LAMPARD
Born:  Aug 25, 1833  Hartfield, Sussex, ENG
Died  Nov 6, 1905  Horsham, VIC, AUS
Married:  Margaret SINCLAIR   
Name:  Thomas  LAMPARD
Born:  1853 East Wellington, South Australia
Died  Sept. 9, 1927 Magill, South Australia
Married:    did not marry   


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