Mary Jane Stimpson

Married: (1) Captain Charles Campbell Elton  

Born: 1818 in: Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Eng                 Husband: 1839, in New South Wales, Aust
Died: 28 May 1875 in: , Ashton, New South Wales, Aust Born: 1806 in:  Bristol, Unity St, Gloucester, England
Father: Stephen Stimpson Died: 17 Jun 1848 in: Ashton, New South Wales, Aust
Mother: Susan Father: Jacob Elton     Mother: Charlotte Young


Never Married David Mackay


Married (2) Isacc Parkes

  Married 1850  Manero, New South Wales
Born: 1808 in: Born: 14 May 1815 in: Staffordshire, England
Died: 28 Nov 1885       in: Bombala, New South Wales Died: 21 Jul 1859       in: Bombala, New South Wales, Aust
Father:      Mother: Father: Joseph Parkes     Mother:  Sarah

Married (3) William Smith

Married: 1863  
Born: 1808 in:  
Died: 28 Nov 1885       in: Bombala, New South Wales  
Father:      Mother:  

Mary arrived in Australia about June 1837. She married  Charles Elton  - Captain Charles was sent to Australia because he fell in love with and married a servant maid of their house. He served in the King's own Regiment, in the day it was a big disgrace. His wife died and he remarried. Money from Charles' father Jacob's estate was sent from England on a regular basis to Mary Jane, even after she had remarried  Isaac Parkes - shepherd. Isaac died 1859. After Isaac's death she fell pregnant to David Mackay, the illegitimate child, John was given the Parkes name. His christening record stated who the father was. She then married John William Smith 1863 - no issue Most of Mary Jane's family migrated to America. 

Charlotte Irene Elton born 03 Mar 1838  (by C.Elton)

William Parkes born 12 Sep 1849.    ( by I Parkes)       

Charles Prothero Elton born 25 Jul 1840.(by C.Elton)

  Joseph Parkes born 29 Nov 1851.   ( by I Parkes)

Emily Jane Elton born 23 Dec 1842.       (by C.Elton)

Sarah Ann Parkes born c1855.        ( by I Parkes)
Andrew Jacob Elton born 05 Mar 1845.  (by C.Elton) Susan Parkes born 1857.                ( by I Parkes)

 Sophie Elton born 01 Aug 1846.            (by C.Elton)

John James Parkes born 10 Nov 1860. (by D. Mackay)

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