McKay &  McKay





Alexander McKay Catherine McKay
Married:1.8.1854 Geelong, Victoria 
Born:1832 Snizort, Isle of Skye, Scotland Born:1831 Ulst, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Died:1895  St.Arnaud, Victoria Died:1901 St.Arnaud, Victoria
Father: Donald McKay  1803 - 1890 Father: Murdoch McKay 
Mother:Flora Nicholson  1806 - 1896 Mother:Mary McLellan
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In 1852 Alexander McKay arrived in Australia aged 19, under the Highland Emigration Scheme, on board the "Georgiana".With him were his parents Donald and Flora, and their children:Flora 22 and her husband Malcolm Murchison, Annie 17, Samuel 14, Catherine 12, Euphemia 10, Christina 8, and Donald 4.
Catherine McKay arrived in 1853, on board the "Hercules", also with the Highland Emigration Scheme.Her father Murdoch was with her, and also Margaret 24, John 16, Mary 14, and Murdoch 10.Her mother had died previously in Scotland.
Alexander and Catherine married in 1854 in Geelong, and then travelled to the goldfields around Creswick.Judging by where their children were born they travelled all around this area for many years, before settling at Beasley's Bridge, near St.Arnaud. According to his son, Alexander was a powerful man, a good singer and a splendid speaker.
As the family grew up, Alexander and his sons worked on building railway lines around the country. They worked on the Hartwell Cutting in Melbourne, the Yea to Mansfield line, and a line from Orange to Forbes via Parkes in N.S.W., where Alexander fell ill and went home to Beasley's Bridge for the last years of his life. 



D.1854  Ashby

2. Mary

B.1856 The Leigh 

M:  Thomas Dowsley1879 



B 1858  


4.Alexander James

B.10.2.1860 Lethlean

D 1929  W.A. 

M:1889 Charlotte Watson 



D. 1943 St.Arnaud


B. 1864 Creswick

D. 1909 W.A.

7. John B 1866 Long Point

M: Janet Irving 

8.Donald B.1868 Creswick

D.c 1933 China 

M: Florence Down

9.Samuel James

B.10.12.1870 Creswick 

D.1939 Heidelburg

M: Daisy Jamieson 1910

10 Kenneth Norman

B.1871 Barkstead

D.1933 Bendigo

M: Myra Baker 1897

11 Flora

B.1874 Barkstead

D. 1932 W.A.

M:David Frame 1901

12 Euphemia

B.1877 St Arnaud

M: William Hall 1901

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