McCormack & Kennedy



Michael McCormack  

Margaret Kennedy  

Married:1834 in Loughmore, Tipperary, Ireland

Born:1806 in Tipperary, Ireland

Born:1815 in Ireland

Died:14 Jan 1891, Happy Valley, Victoria

Died:1852 in Ireland

Father: Andrew McCormack

Father: Mr. Kennedy

Mother: Mary Doyle


The Happy Valley Hotel had its origins documented as long ago as 1854, by a Scotsman names Duncan McLean, superintendent of the Myrtle Creek Run for the Niel Black Company, who wrote to the manager expressing concern that a party was planning a public houses within the boundaries of the run, at the Happy Valley Creek crossing. 

The Buckland Goldfield had been discovered during the previous year and thousands of miners were making their way to the Buckland from Beechworth.  The Myrtle Creek Village, officially named Myrtleford in 1858, had already developed into an infant settlement, comprising of tents, huts and make shift dwellings. From the village the track to the diggings followed along the Happy Valley Creek until it had to be crossed at the Ovens. Despite opposition from the Niel Black Company, the Public House was built at the crossing and today the Happy Valley Hotel is on that same site.

In far off Ireland, 1854 had been a decisive year for Michael McCormack of Loughmore, Tipperary. The country was in the grip of a devastating famine, his wife had died and the future of his young family looked bleak. At the age of 50 he made the decision to emigrated to Australia and commence a new life with his five surviving children. On the 20th of July 1855, after a three month journey the family docked in Melbourne. They had traveled on the 1399 ton "British Trident". 

Michael first made his appearance in the Ovens district as a bullock driver. With his young family he settled in the district, building a house on the main road at Happy Valley. His oldest daughter Johanna, cared for the her younger siblings, being John, William, Thomas and Margaret. When Michael died in 1891, Johanna continued the mother roll in the family, she never married and was buried with her father at Myrtleford when she passed away in 1914 at the age of 73. By the marriages of Michaels three sons, he had 36 grandchildren born in the district between 1872 and 1915 and 65 great chrand children born prior to 1955, 101 years after he arrived in the country.

The McOrmacks and the Happy Valley Hotel link together a historical part of the Ovens and certinally not just by coincodence. For more than a hundred years, very few days went by in which a McCormack didn't stop by for a drink in the same hotel. In fact six generations of McCormacks have been amoungst its most regular customers, and decendents still drink there today. Is it any wonder then that the McCormack's have been heard to jest -



Name: M  Andrew McCormack 
Born: 1835            Tipparary, Ireland
Died  1835            Tipparary, Ireland
Name:Andrew McCormack
Born:1844           Tipparary, Ireland
Died 1844           Tipparary, Ireland    

Name: Mary McCormack   

Born:1836            Tipparary, Ireland

Died1836            Tipparary, Ireland


Name: Michael McCormack  

Born: 1846  Tipparary, Ireland

Died  1846Tipparary, Ireland

Name: Johanna McCormack              
Died  25 Feb 1914     
Name: John McCormack  
Born: 1849            Tipparary, Ireland
Died 12 Aug 1916     Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia
Married:1895    to    Ellen Power
Name: William McCormack
Died 22 Apr 1932 
Married: 1872 Beechworth,   to Bridget Moran           
Name:Margaret McCormack     
Name:  Thomas McCormack         
Born: 1842  Tipperary, Ireland
Died  28 Dec 1918     Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia
Married:       1878  Ellen McGrath  

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