Ah See



Known to all as "Old Miley"

Born:  c1830                   
Died: 22 July, 1920
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Like many of his country men, Miley came to the region in the 1860s. Locals in Omeo knew him only as "Old Miley", little did anyone know, but his real name was Ah See. In his later years he became known as "Miley the champion woodchopper", as he would sit on doorsteps of shops and chop up light wood. 

He would walk the streets of Omeo, dragging a rope tied to plank of wood, on the plank would be his provisions. The young folk would run up behind him and step on the plank to stop him, then as Miley turned the kids would run away.

Miley died as he lived, virtually unknown, at the age of 90. He was interred in a paupers grave at the Omeo Cemetery, his cause of death unknown, and he never even received a Christian burial.