Pendergast & Parslow




John Pendergast   Elizabeth Parslow

Married: 1868            in: Stratford. Victoria, Australia      

Born: 1839    in: Campbelltown, New South Wales        

Born: 1850    in: Ovens River, Victoria,   

Died: 1891    in: Omeo, Victoria Aust.   

Died: 1934     in: Omeo, Victoria Aust.           

Father: John Pendergast 

Father: James Parslow 

Mother: Elizabeth Dwyer 

Mother: Mary Meighan 

John was the son of John senior, who came to Omeo in 1834 and was one of the first selectors in the region. Three of John Snr's sons came to their fathers selection  John Jnr built Penderscourt for his wife and they remained there for all their married life. Penderscourt still stands today and efforts are being made to have it listed on the national heritage list. The same property still remain in the family today (2001). The original washhouse has been preserved by the Omeo historical society and is situated in the Omeo Historical Park.

Elizabeth's father was a pioneer of the district and was the second owner of the famous Cobungra Station. He and his wife owned and operated the Cobungra Hotel, a small dwelling made of pit sawn timber with a shingle roof.

Lillian Pendergast                                     



Edith Louisa Pendergast

Born: 1877            Benambra, Victoria, Australia 

Died: 11 Nov 1942  Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Elizabeth Mary Pendergast 

Born: 1869             Benambra, Victoria 

Died: 4 Sep 1954   Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Ada Margaret Pendergast

Born: 1879            Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Died: 6 Nov 1967   Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Emily Alice Pendergast    

Born:       Benambra, Victoria

Married:  1903    sp. Alfred Ainsworth 

Helen Philomena Pendergast  

Born: 1883            Benambra, Victoria, Australia

Died: 16 May 1957     Benambra, Victoria, Australia 

Married:  1905 to William Joseph Cook  

John Thomas Pendergast     

Born: 1871            Benambra, Victoria, Australia 

Died: 1942            Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Married:  1901 sp. Bridget Elizabeth Carmody  

James William Patrick Joseph Pendergast 

Born: 1885            Benambra, Victoria, Australia

Died: 22 Apr 1932  Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Rose Amelia Pendergast  

Born: 1875            Benambra, Victoria, Australia 

Died: 3 Sep 1951            Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Mary Theresa Pendergast     

Born: 1888            Benambra, Victoria 

Died: 11 May 1970     Omeo, Victoria 



Name: Dianne Carroll