Penny & Davies



Albert Edward Penny  

Elizabeth Ann Davies  

Married: 26 November 1887, Walkerston, Queensland, Australia  

  Born:  24 January 1865, Teffont Magna, Wiltshire, England   Born:1868, Bishop Bridge, Northumberland, New South Wales, Australia  
Died:  9 February 1962, Mackay, Queensland, Australia   Died: 20 Dec 1904, Mackay, Queensland, Australia  
Father:                  George Penny   Father:                  James G. Davis  
Mother:                Prudence Ann Lawes   Mother:                Susannah Bradshaw (nee Gunter)

Two brothers travelled from England, one went to America and Albert came to Australia.  Albert caught boat to Mackay - landed at Flat Top Island or Round Top Island (just out from what is now the Mackay Harbour).

Albert Edward Penny came out on the boat "La Hogue" which left from Plymouth, England on 7 July 1883 and arrived in Mackay, Queensland, Australia on 5 Oct 1883 at the age of 18 years.  The ship "La-Hogue" was of 1331 tons and Captain Wagstaff was the Master.  He came out as a free passenger - Albert was listed as a Bounty Migrant.

Albert went to work in the Hamilton area where he soon had his own selection at Benholme and grew sugar cane.

Albert Edward Penny owned land at Benholme at Owen's Creek (between Mirani and Gargett in Queensland) and was the first farmer to send sugar cane to the Marian Mill in 1902 from Owen's Creek.  ? He also owned land at Mt. Caster.  Is said to have gone into partnership with son in tobacconist and barber shop after WWI (when George came back from the war.  Clarice Siganto stated that Albert Edward Penny gave (not sold) Ethel Penny (Ernie Heel's wife) his cane farm.

Albert spent his retiring years with his son Harry, and the remaining 12 years with his son George at Forth Street, Mackay.  He lived with son, Harry when Harry and family lived at Pleystowe, Queensland and sometimes when they lived at Steen Street, Mackay.  Albert died in the Lister Hospital, Mackay just sixteen days short of his 97th birthday. 

Sus Susan Ann Penny

Charles Penny  
Ada May Penny   Lizzie Penny  
Eliza Agnes Penny   Ethel Blanche Penny  
George Alfred Penny   Henry Albert Penny  

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