Peters & Hocking



Esther Elizabeth Peters

John Hocking  

Married: 03 April 1901 Harrietville, Victoria, Australia

Born: 02 May 1881 Wandiligong

Born: 10 November 1877 Harrietville

Died: 25 May 1954 Bright

Died: 14 May 1955 Eurobin, Victoria

Father: John Henry Peters

Father:  Esekiel Hocking

Mother:  Isabella Taylor

Mother: Mary Anne Trestrail

Esther Elizabeth Peters was born the Oldest of 10 siblings.


1   Essie Isabel   Hocking                     
5   Leslie William Hocking
2   Harry Ezekial Hocking  
3   Mary Sylvia Hocking


4   John George Hocking

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