Francis  &  Currens




George Frederick Francis

Rachel Kidd Currens

Married: 22 Dec 1852 in: Geelong, Victoria,       

Born: c1829 in: England                      Born: 1834 in: Ireland   
Died: 16 May 1907 in: Gallymont, New South Wales      Died:  6 Jun 1916 in: Omeo, Victoria        
Father: Charles Francis Father: Robert Currans
Mother: Harriet Holbrook Mother: Agnes Chalmers

Rachel Currens married George Francis. The couple crossed the Alps in the 1860s. The journey took them 12 months to complete. On reaching Mt Battery, they set up camp, as their infant child was ill, she died and is buried at the foot of the mount. The family settled in Omeo, and George name appears on several occasions for horse stealing, he later left the district and Rachel and the children and went to NSW. He never returned.

Poverty stricken and ill, Rachel had here four youngest children taken from her and placed in an institution. The records clearly state they were neglected. The youngest child died several weeks later. Rachel died in 1916 in Omeo and is buried in an unmarked grave at the Omeo Pioneer Cemetery

Annie Reed Francis                                     

Born: 11 Oct 1853   Died:  2 Aug 1942    

Francis Francis                                          

Born: 1865            

George Francis                                          

Born: 1856       

Phoebe Francis                                         

Born: 1866            

Charles Francis                                        

Born: 1858  

Arthur Francis                                          

Born: 1867   Omeo, Victoria

Robert Henry Francis                                    

Born: 1859

Alexander Ernest Francis                               

Born: 1869   Omeo, Victoria

Wlliam Angelo Francis            

Born: 1861       

Agnes Rachel Francis                                   

Born: 1871 Omeo, Victoria

John Francis                                            

Born: 1863

Phoebe Jane Francis                                    

Born: 1873  Omeo, Victoria


Angelo Francis                                         

Born: 1876 Omeo, Victoria