Reed & Pendergast



Patrick Reed  

Bridget Pendergast    

                          married:  1831 at Windsor, NSW                                              

Born:      c1790  Co. Meath, Ireland

Born:    1810  at Windsor NSW

Died:      27 September, 1872 Cockfighters Creek, Wollombi, NSW

Died:      28 August, 1885  Inverell, NSW

Father:   James Reed

Father:   John Pendergast

Mother:   Ann Riley

Mother:  Jane Williams

Patrick Reed arrived as a convict 1818 on Guildford 3 from Meath, Ireland. He married Bridget Pendergast 1831 at Windsor, NSW. Bridget was the daughter of 2 convicts, John Pendergast and Jane Williams.

Patrick and Bridget had 15 children, they lived at Lower Portland Head, near Wiseman's Ferry.

My husband is descended from their son Bernard Reed, who assumed the name of John Riley and married Mary Ann Cann.


James Pendergast (Reed) b. 1827  Mary  Reed  b. 1843
Anne Pendergast  (Reed)   b. 1829
Elizabeth   Reed b.  1845
Bernard Pendergast  (Reed) b. 1831
Jane Sophia  Reed b.  1848
Margaret Reed  b. 1833 Patrick John  Reed  b.  1850
Sarah Reed  b.  1834 Anne  Reed  b.  1852
Thomas Reed  b.1837 Louisa Bridget Reed  b.  1854
William  Reed  b. 1839

 Charles Bartle Reed  b.1857

Catherine  Reed  b. 1841

SUBMITTED BY:  Beryl Whatson