Reinheimer & Koch




Anna Margaretha Koch

Johann Martin Reinheimer

Married: 30th December 1857 at Forest Creek, Castlemaine, Victoria

Born: 1st July 1835 at Neider-Weisel, Germany Born: 28th October 1835 at Griesheim, Germany
Died: 28th January 1900 at Horsham, Victoria Died: 23rd July 1913 at Ballarat, Victoria. 
Father: Johann Georg KOCH (1803 - 1866) Father: Johann Martin REINHEIMER (1809 - 1900)
Mother: Catharina KRAUSGRILL (1804 - 1874) Mother: Maria Margaretha SEIBERT (1812 - 1885)
Anna Margaretha (Margaret) KOCH came to Australia in 1854, with her parents and younger brother Philip. The family left their village in Hessen, Germany,  to travel to the goldfields at Castlemaine where they hoped to find gold. Margaret's parents returned to Germany after a few years. They left an older married daughter behind in Germany when they emigrated. They died in their village of Neider-Weisel, Germany. 
Margaret married Martin REINHEIMER in 1857. Martin had also come to Australia from Germany looking for gold, but at the time of his marriage he was working as a barber, and Margaret as a maid. Martin was naturalised as an Australian citizen in 1860. Martin was a member of the Manchester Unity IOOF, Castlemaine Lodge for more than 40 years. In 1885, Martin and Margaret selected land in the Parish of Kalkee, which is today still owned and farmed by their descendants. 
Margaret and Martin had eight children between 1861 and 1879, two of whom died in a typhoid epidemic in 1870. 


Catherine REINHEIMER b. 9/3/1861 d. 4/6/1870 at Castlemaine, Victoria Heinrich Phillip REINHEIMER b. 9/4/1865 at Chewton, Victoria . d. 16/11/1937 at Horsham, Victoria. 
George Phillip REINHEIMER b. 10/7/1867 
d. 15/6/1870 at Castlemaine, Victoria 
Wilhelmina REINHEIMER b. 4/4/1870 at Castlemaine, Victoria  d. 7/6/1952 at Horsham, Victoria 
Carl REINHEIMER b. 11/3/1872 at Castlemaine, Victoria d. 22/8/1948 at Geelong, Victoria Maria REINHEIMER b. 27/9/1874 at Castlemaine, Victoria  d. 6/10/1963 at Croydon, Victoria
Anna Amelia REINHEIMER b. 1/10/1876 at Castlemaine, Victoria.  d. 3/10/1949 at Horsham, Victoria Johann Frederick REINHEIMER b. 15/8/1879 at Horsham, Victoria  d. 9/12/1946 at Ballarat, Victoria.