Eleanor Hannah Renton

Married:  John FLETCHER  in:1890 at Running Creek

Born:  1873  in: Running Creek, Victoria.            Born: 
Died: 1894  in:   Harrietville, Victoria.  Died: 
Father: George RENTON Father:
Mother: Jane LUKE. Mother: 

When I started doing my family research, I was given some photo's of ancestor's and one being the above photo of Eleanor. I thought my Great Aunt was just so beautiful and wanted to find out more about her. I first found

out that she married, I then found a child for them being a daughter Eleanor FLETCHER b. 1893 at Harrietville. It was then when I couldn't find anymore children, I came across the death of Eleanor Hannah Fletcher nee: Renton in 1894 aged 21yrs. Eleanor had sadly

died with complications to childbirth. I was devastated, such a tragic thing for such a young vibrant lady. I then found her daughter obviously fondly named after her Eleanor Fletcher married a Ernest MERTON in 1920.

 Eleanor FLETCHER b. 1893 at Harrietville

Sent in with love from her Grand-niece Julie Clift.