Betts  & Pyle




Samuel Betts

Married: 1871  in: Birregurra, Victoria, Australia     to   Mary Ann Pyle  

Born: 1836            in: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia                   Born:26 Apr 1847     in: Devon, England       
Died:21 Oct 1922     in: Omeo, Victoria Aust.   Died: 28 Feb 1920     in: Omeo, Victoria Aust.       
Father: Robert Betts  Father: Joseph Pyle 
Mother: Edith Thurrowgood  Mother: Aiset Ridler 

In October 1878, Samuel Betts, his wife who, prior to her marriage to him, had been Mrs. Newlands, and his stepchildren and children, left Murroon, near Geelong to come to Omeo Plains, where he selected on February 6th, 1879.


Mr. Betts drove a horse and dray and his wife was in charge of a spring cart. Anne and Will Newlands and Ernest Betts, three of the children, helped to drive cattle and two spare horses. The driven stock occasionally gave trouble. At the long and narrow bridge across the Werribee River, Ernest, a chubby little lad, was accidentally hit on the head by a stone, which had been intended to hurry on a wayward cow.


The trip, like most others at this time, was a strenuous affair of swamps, rivers and mountains. At Bairnsdale, interest was added to the journey. Bullock drays were waiting there for a new steam engine, which was being brought to this busy port of the Gippsland Lakes by boat. At the Bairnsdale wharf the engine was loaded on the drays for transport to Omeo, for Arthur Pyle, who was an uncle to the Newland children.


From Bairnsdale the teams all traveled on together. At the foot of Tongio Gap they met Alex (Paddy) Whyte taking a load of produce to the miners at Swift's Creek. He stopped when he saw new settlers arriving, and suggested to Mr. and Mrs. Betts that, should they want produce of any kind at any time, he would be pleased to supply them.


The engine and saw mill were set up at the head of Wilson's creek, and Bill Newlands, who was then 12 years old, was taught to drive the engine. He continued to do this for his uncle for some time.


At first the Betts family lived in a tent near the sawmill, but soon they moved into Omeo, although they had no house, and still had to live in the tent. Here their daughter, Amy, was born. Soon after this they went to live on their selection near the Matthews, east of the Morass creek.


Many members of the Betts family still reside in the district. Anne, who married Fred Nicholas, died a few years ago and later her husband died, aged 91 years.


Will Newlands had always been interested in engines, and drove the mill engine for Alex Whyte for many years. At first the water supply for the boiler of this engine was drawn from the Lake. Bill -had a tank, on a dray, which he drove into the lake, then, standing on the shafts, he dipped water into the tank.

Samuel Ernest Betts    

Born: 1872         Birragurra, Victoria, Australia

Died: 16 Nov 1957     Benambra, Victoria, Australia 

   sp. Emma May Boucher      

Edith Amy Betts                                          

Born: 1879            Omeo, Victoria Aust.

Died: 10 Jun 1956     Benambra, Victoria, Australia       

Married:  1902   to. James John Pendergast

Elizabeth Maud Mary Betts                              

Born: 1873            Birragurra, Victoria, Australia 

Died:  7 Jun 1959 

Married:  1898   to. James Brown Hedrick   

Arthur Allan Betts                                       

Born: 1883            Omeo, Victoria Aust.

 Died: 15 Aug 1969     Benambra, Victoria, Australia

Married:  1929  to Mary Elizabeth Worcester                                 |             

George Robert Betts                                      

Born: 1875            Birragurra, Victoria, Australia

Died:  4 Oct 1963     Omeo, Victoria Aust.                

 Ethel May Betts                 

Born: 1885            Omeo, Victoria Aust. 

Died: 12 Apr 1952     Benambra, Victoria, Australia 

Married: 1911  to  Henry John Jarvis         

Married:  1927     to    John Alfred Charles Pendergast             

Joseph Thomas Betts                                   

Born: 1876            Birrigurra, Victoria, Australia 

Died:  4 Jul 1882     Omeo, Victoria Aust.           

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