Sanders & Scott



 married in 1863 at Scarsdale

Born: Easebourne, Sussex, Eng  1825

Born: Cumberland, Eng 1838

Died:Korumburra Gippsland  1910

Died: Korumburra 1913

Father: William


Mother: Elizabeth (Sherwin)

Mother: Mary Ann Scott

  Henry arrived in Australia in 1850’s. In 1860’s he was the pound keeper and a miner at Scarsdale. In the 1880’s the family moved to Korumburra, took up land,   and farmed at Willimont, K’burra.

Henry and his eldest son Henry (called Harry) were in the pioneer cricket team and gave money for the building of a sports pavilion, which although rebuilt is still called Sanders Pavilion.

They were instrumental in the formation of the Korumburra Dairy Company. Harry and Elizabeth (THORNE) farmed at Valley Field and had 7 sons and a daughter who were all brought up in the K’burra area




Henry  Born Scarsdale 1864

William John born Smythsdale 1868

Walter Sherwin b Haddon 1870

Ernest b Smythsdale 1871

Emma Elizabeth b Smythsdale 1873

Marian Fanny b Smythsdale 1876

Herbert b Smythsdale 1874

Robert Scott b Smythsdale 1879

Stanley Tom b Scarsdale 1882


Submitted by  Colin Sanders