Schmidt & Steckmeister





Claus Heinrich Friedrich SCHMIDT


Married:26 October in St Goreg, Hamburg, Germany

Born:6 November 1845, Reinfeld, Holstein, Ger

Born: 14 February 1847in Barteheide, Holstein

Died: 6 September 1933 in Samsonvale, Qld

Died: 23 February 1923 Mt Samson, Qld

Father:Jochim Adolf Heinrich Schmidt

Father:Christoffer Heinrich Steckmeister

Mother:Christina Magdalena Kirchner

Mother:Margaretta Magdelena Martini

        Claus and Maria and their two eldest sons Georg aged 2 and Arnold aged 1 left Hamburg  on board the "John Bertram" on 26 August 1871.  They arrived at Moreton Bay on 16 December 1871.  The earliest record I have is of them settling around Samsonvale in the Brisbane Valley.  Claus was a farmer and Maria was a well known midwife in the area.  In 1891 Claus purchased 117 acres, portion 128 parish Samsonvale, but it is noted as selection 3755 dated 23/2/1882.   They had 9 children ,6 boys and 3 girls.  Claus and Maria are both buried in the Samsonvale Cemetry overlooking the dam.



Name:Heinrich August Georg Schmidt
Born:21 November 1869 Barmbek, Hamburg
Died 21 January 1923 Mackay, Qld
Married: 25 April 1895 to Annie May Kennedy      
Name:Anna Maria Auguste Schmidt
Born:14 July 1881 Samsonvale, Qld
Died 14 October 1940
Married: 16 May 1911 to Joseph James Victor Burley      
Name:Gustav Adolpg Friedrich Arnold Schmidt
Born:30 January 1871, Barmbek, Hamburg
Died4 April 1957  Brighton, Qld
Married:23 January 1901 to Emma Alvine Korn       
Name:Gustav Herman Schmidt
Born:30 June 1884 Samsanvale, Qld
Died 2 December 1969 Kilcoy, Qld
Married:  16 December 1903 Margaret Ann Bell      
Name:Christoffes  Arthur Alfred Schmidt
Born: 27 June 1873 Severn River, Stanthorpe, Qld
Died: 30 April 1920
Married: 22 January 1895 to Mary Arkell/Park      
Name:Helene Schmidt
Born:4 April 1886 Samsonvale, Qld
Died ?
Married:  30 September 1914John Fredrick Thistlewaite      
Name:Heinrich Otto Alexander Schmidt
Born:12 October 1875 Samsonvale, Qld
Died 5 March 1953, Gympie, Qld
Married:  1 March 1898 to Fanny Elena Richards  
Name:Bertha Schmidt
Born:29 Febuary 1888 Samsonvale, Qld
Died 30 March 1972
Married: 31 August 1911  Oter Raaen 
Name:Carl August  Heinrich Schmidt
Born:4 October 1877, Wooloongabba, Brisbane, Qld
Died 6 September 1924