Spargo Family

The Spargo Children, Polly, Bill, Cecil and Elsie 

William John Spargo

Mary Isabella Greenaway

Married:   1888    

Born:  1865 in  Bullarock  Born:1864 in England
Died:  1919 Brunswick, Victoria, Australia         Died:1948 Brunswick, Victoria, Australia        
Father:Benjamin Spargo Father:
Mother:Frances Gray Mother:

Two of William and Mary's children were responsible for the birth of the Mount Hotham Ski Resort. Both Bill and Cecil both made a huge contribution to the area, but only Bill made the history books. Bill Spargo was the first patrolman appointed to the Country Roads Board, for the Alpine Road. He was provided with a permanent shelter on Hotham Heights, he then induced the CRB to enlarge the shelter to a stone cottage which contained a kitchen, dining room, sitting room and four bedrooms. It was this same building that became known as Hotham Heights and was located in the saddle between Mt Hotham and Mt Higginbotham. Bill supervised the construction of the building, which was worked on by his brother Cecil. It was also through Bills efforts that the CRB erected four galvanised iron shelter huts along the way. These were situated at Whiskey Flat, Dinner Plain, Diamantina and Blowhard.

In 1925, Hotham Heights started being used as an accommodation house for skiers in the winter, with Bill as their host. This was the start of the ski fields. Bill was also responsible for founding the famous Red Robin Mine. Although Bill was always in the forefront of the development of this Ski field, his brother Cecil was always in the background assisting with the foundation.

William Benjamin Spargo

Born:    1888            in: Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia          

Died:    1957                      

Elsie Greenaway Spargo

Born:    1894            in: Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia       


Mary Victoria Spargo

Born:    1892            in: Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia          

Died:    1959            in: Geelong, Victoria, Australia         

Cecil Roberts Gray Spargo

Born:    1900            in: Brunswick, Victoria, Australia           

Died:    1953            in: Richmond, Victoria, Australia        

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