Walsh & Poulsen




James Francis Grant WALSH

Alberta Louisa Caroline POULSEN

Married: 20.12.1894 at Parkes NSW

Born: 17 October 1865, Gordon, Vic.

Born: 17 February 1873, Eagle Hawk, Vic

Died: 25 September 1955, Melbourne, Vic.

Died: 5 or 6 June 1952, Melbourne, Vic.

Father: James WALSH

Father: Mads POULSEN

Mother: Catherine CULLEENY

Mother: Jane JARRETT (also NORTON)

Despite marrying in Parkes, NSW, James and Alberta had a long history in Gippsland.  Alberta and her family moved from Eagle Hawk to Swan Reach in 1874.  Not sure how she happened to meet James, nor why they married in Parkes.  However, James was a road builder - so perhaps his job took him to many different localities.  James reputedly left home aged 10 and supported himself in a variety of occupations.  James and Alberta were still living in Parkes when their first child was born in 1897, but had moved to Dandenong by 1900 and to Sale by 1903.  They remained there until about 1910 when they moved to Dalyston / Archies Creek.  James had a hand in making many of the roads in the Wonthaggi / Dalyston area.  James lived to see 3 great grandchildren born.


1 Nellie Frances 8.7.1897 (Parkes)                              
4 William James 8.2.1907 (Sale)
2 Eileen Constance 15.3.1900 (Dandenong) 5 Gladys Irene 8.1.1909 (Sale)
3 Beryl 5.12.1903 (Sale)